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Mental Health America is committed to educating our community–professionals from various disciplines and the public at large–about mental health, mental illness, and treatment options.  We work to spread the message that effective treatment of mental health problems will ultimately decrease the direct and indirect costs of healthcare to workplaces and society in general, increase employment and productivity, and reduce human suffering for individuals and their families.  The components of our Mental Health Education program include:community-wide workshops and conferences on a wide variety of mental health topics;

  • professional training seminars for clergy, mental health professionals, school personnel, human resource officers, and other groups of professionals;
  • certification in both the adult and youth versions of Mental Health First Aid, a national education campaign designed to reduce the stigma often attached to mental illnesses and build mental health literacy by helping the public identify, understand, and respond to signs that a mental health problem might be developing or worsening;
  • programs and activities such as the annual Senior Extravaganza and Caregiver Colleges which focus on the needs of older adults and those who care for them;
  • workplace programming on depression, stress, balancing work and families, etc.;
  • health fairs with literature distribution and mental illness screenings for depression and anxiety; and
  • media outreach.